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I had lunch at Wendy's yesterday; went in expecting to get a salad, but they have a new "4 for $4" promotion, Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, fries, 4 chicken balls (they call them nuggets but we all know), and a small drink. So I had that, because I'm class.

That's not the story, though. Here's the story. While eating my treasure, I toyed with my Nexus 4 smart phone, as one does, until I realized that I was out of iced tea. Back over the to the self-serve iced tea dispenser I went, filled the cup, and got back to find... no phone! Had I carried it with me? No, I'd left it on the table... right there... not under the wrappers or on the floor... panic set in...

What had I done, I thought. What had anybody else done, I thought. I had a vague memory of a woman coming in the side door, walking past my table, and going into the ladies room, this while I was at the drink stand... could SHE? I felt terrible for suspecting a stranger, but suspect I did.

There was a Wendy's employee on his lunch break at the table next to mine, toying with his cell phone, as one does. "My cell phone seems to have gone missing," I told him; "did you see anything?"

He hadn't but was smarter than me. "You want me to call your phone, see if we can hear it?" I gave him my number; it went straight to voice mail, of course. I was getting more and more convinced that this woman had snatched the phone off the table as she walked by. My stomach was turning into knots (not connected to what I was eating I'm sure).

But then -- then -- out from the ladies room bursts a very tall woman, holding my cell phone up in her hand. "Is this somebody's?" she yelled. "Is this somebody's? I was just sitting there and all of a sudden this phone rings from the trash bin, is this somebody's?"

It was -- Nexus 4, black plastic protector, wallpaper the cover of pulp SF paperback "the Gods Hate Kansas." Mine! I was so relieved, I offered to buy her lunch. She took me up on that but then only ordered a side salad and fries. And then hugged me.

So here's what I'm thinking, that there are two possibilities for what actually happened.

  1. Woman A walked in the side door, saw the phone sitting there, idly snapped up the unguarded trifle, went to the ladies room, thought better of the theft, and put the phone in the trash. Then, Woman B went into the ladies room and had her business rudely interrupted.

  2. There was no Woman A. Woman B snapped up the unguarded trifle, and was startled into full consciousness (and conscience) when it rang, so she concocted the fiction that let her return the phone without consequence or blame, a fiction I am quite happy to endorse.

So, what's your bet? If option #2, this would hardly be the only instance of everyone agreeing to a falsehood in order to keep civilization from falling apart. We usually do that with family members, but sometimes it's important with strangers too.

And I checked. I still had my wallet after the hug. Yeah, I feel a little bad about that.

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Been having an awful lot of adventures with [ profile] scottasf lately, which makes sense since we live about 1 mile apart, and we're both free during the days lately. Last Saturday, for example, Scott was set to usher for the Kinsey Sicks at the Castro Theater, and asked me come along ("they said they comp me plus one," he said). Well, okay, but when we got there I nearly freaked out, as I usually do when I'm surrounded by busy people but have no idea what I'm doing there. End of problem when 2 of the Sicks grabbed us both and put us in the volunteer pool -- so I ended up ushering too, which I love and much prefer to getting a seat for nothing. Got to say hi to [ profile] urso, [ profile] fuzzygruf and [ profile] double_ohsteven.

And standing, since the place was packed and the promised seats for ushers got sat in by paying customers. So that's good, right?

I'd only seen the Sicks once before, and was kind of luke-warm at that time, but either they've gotten better, or I've gotten mellower (odds on that?), because Saturday's show was great -- not just the parody songs I remembered from before (which are okay I guess) but original material, wonderfully arranged and performed, and a through-line that gave all four performers a chance to shine in the comedy department too. And the audience would rather have sex with Madonna than with Miley Cyrus, which added to the evening's sophisticated charm. Oh my ears and whiskers.

Today, New Years, and I like to start the year off with a little adventure, and my Soul (whose formal full name is Vancouver Film School, and after 2 years I still don't have a nickname) has never been to the top of Mount Diablo - nor has Scott. Off we go!

I am by the way terrible with mountain roads, and white-knuckled the entire drive. I also now hate every bicyclist in the universe, even the three who weren't on the Mount Diablo summit run today.

But we made it, and alive. The observation deck has been rebuilt and is quite nice, wrapping around the original tower & giving a great view from the Farralon Islands (invisible due to fog) to the Sierras (invisible due to fog). The vast wind farms of the Delta were lovely, we waved at our friend Brian in Vallejo, and we had lunch at the Black Bear Diner. Not quite driving over all 8 Bay Area toll bridges in one day, but that's been done.

A note on the photo-icon attached to this post -- this picture was taken on the Mount Diablo Summit, but I forget what year, maybe 1998. 44 seems so young now.

Tomorrow, my thoughts on Kwanzaa and the beginning of 2013 in review. Enjoy your down time until that excitement.

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Warren Hall, beloved ugly tower in the Hayward Hills, was scheduled to be destroyed this morning, and I could have stayed home & watched it on streaming computer internet, or channel 7, but I thought, I missed the Dumbarton Bridge being blown up, I missed that dorm hall at CSUSF being blown up, I missed the Reichstag Fire, I will NOT miss this. So I drove down Mission Boulevard (which has a clear view of the tower most of the way), thinking I could park at the bottom of the hill and watch from there. As did about 300,000 other idiots, because Mission south of downtown Hayward was a complete mess. I was fortunate to be able to turn around and just park opposite the 99.99 Cent Store/Big Lots/Carls Jr complex, a good view from 1.7 miles away.

I was able to spot the Face of Satan in the cloud of dust that rose up from the collapse. Were you?

Didn't get a video myself, but there are great ones on YouTube already. This is the best, even with the doofus at the beginning:


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