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The most terrifying moment of my life wasn't a car wreck, or a robbery at gunpoint, but a quiet conversation. Sometime in the 1970's, my mother said to me, "We made fun of your grandparents for liking Lawrence Welk, but if you give him a chance, he's not bad!" And I thought... will this happen to me someday?

Why am I thinking about this right now? Simple. I'm on a cruise ship. The Holland America Statendam. I've been going to the evening shows. And I'm starting to... enjoy them...

Haven't posted since Lima because Precious Internet Minutes ("buy 250 minutes for only $100!"). I've been diving in for email retrieval, but a single photo-free blog post should fit in my self-imposed quota. Want details? Click on the thing.Read more... )
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Hello again from NYC -- now in the lobby of the Milford Haven(sic) and logging on one of the iMacs they have available for free use of patrons... which contrasts mightily with the $14.95 a DAY for WiFi if you want to use your Windows or Linux machine. So I'm now required to learn the details of an alien OS, and could use your help, Apple-user readers. To change the little icon picture for the post, what the HELL do you do? There must be a way but I can't figure it out.

Today, took in the 9/11 Memorial -- LOTS of walking, because they've got the fountains open, but the rest of the area is a dirty construction zone; the visitor line snakes hither and yon to avoid falling-debris areas. The fountains are beautiful, but just piss me off & get me depressed. Watching the falling water made me think of the people who fell out of those buildings... and their lives are being memorialized here, but the shits who committed the crime, and the shits who deliberately let it happen, thought no more of those human beings than they would a drop of water.

The shits who did it are all dead. Good. The shits who enabled it still live in luxury and privilege, get interviewed on TV daily, and command large speaking fees. One of them is listed as being on the Board of Directors for the Memorial. Which pisses me off & depresses me.

Oh, I also got to see the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse, which fortunately did not list Ince as being on the board.

On to MOMA, one of my favorite museums ever -- Starry Night in one room, Picasso's Chicks of Avignon in another, Monet's giant water lilies, sleeping gypsies, one treasure after another. Saw an artist named something like Ensol, and the paintings looked shocking and new for 1940 -- but they were from 1887! I gotta learn more about this guy. There was also a film installation from the 1960s, with a naked man & woman throwing a beach ball back & forth in a small apartment living room. Reminded me of the Star Trek blooper reel for some reason. I can't imagine the stern museum guard thought much of my guffaws.

Tonight I'm going to see a show I didn't even know existed yesterday morning -- the Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder. Got the ticket at the TKTS half-price booth. The story is Kind Hearts and Coronets, and they've got one guy playing all the aristocratic characters who were played by Alec Guinness in the movie. So, why the change in title? Why haven't I heard of it? Am I about to fulfill one of my lifetime goals and see a Broadway flop on Broadway? (I've seen any number of them in San Francisco previews, but never ON Broadway).

It's stars Liza Minnelli and Mickey Roarke.

Only time will tell.
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A comment a friend left on my previous post had me thinking... my recent dermatology adventure involved down there -- and the very concept of "down there" is ineluctably bound in my mind to a Sex Ed class I was forced to sit through in 1970 -- hapless instructor showed us the Innocent Party, even then 11 years old but felt like centuries past. There's an exchange between the 2 young men at approximately 6 minutes 10 seconds in:

"I've got some kind of sore... down there!"
"Don't worry about it... probably just a pimple or something."

At the word "pimple" the entire class burst into hysterical laughter. Poor instructor got horribly upset, stopped the movie, and spent the remaining 30 minutes of the class making sure we realized that syphilis was no laughing matter! Of course, we were all thinking, if it's no laughing matter, why are you showing us a comedy about it?

I wonder what would have happened if we'd gotten as far as the toilet seat scene...
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Warren Hall, beloved ugly tower in the Hayward Hills, was scheduled to be destroyed this morning, and I could have stayed home & watched it on streaming computer internet, or channel 7, but I thought, I missed the Dumbarton Bridge being blown up, I missed that dorm hall at CSUSF being blown up, I missed the Reichstag Fire, I will NOT miss this. So I drove down Mission Boulevard (which has a clear view of the tower most of the way), thinking I could park at the bottom of the hill and watch from there. As did about 300,000 other idiots, because Mission south of downtown Hayward was a complete mess. I was fortunate to be able to turn around and just park opposite the 99.99 Cent Store/Big Lots/Carls Jr complex, a good view from 1.7 miles away.

I was able to spot the Face of Satan in the cloud of dust that rose up from the collapse. Were you?

Didn't get a video myself, but there are great ones on YouTube already. This is the best, even with the doofus at the beginning:
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Longtime fans of this blog (why do I make that plural?) will remember when I re-read L. Frank Baum's the Land of Oz and was appalled by its disturbing, creepy ending. Put the scotch in my plans to re-read the whole Oz series, it did. Well, time goes by, I love my Nook, and I especially love not paying to read books... so back to the Oz series I go. And I've gotten farther in, through Ozma of Oz, Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, and now the Road to Oz... and I'm speechless. I can do nothing but present you the passage in question.
"Will your folks worry?" asked the shaggy man, his eyes twinkling in a pleasant way.

"I s'pose so," answered Dorothy with a sigh. "Uncle Henry says there's ALWAYS something happening to me; but I've always come home safe at the last. So perhaps he'll take comfort and think I'll come home safe this time."

"I'm sure you will," said the shaggy man, smilingly nodding at her. "Good little girls never come to any harm, you know. For my part, I'm good, too; so nothing ever hurts me."

Dorothy looked at him curiously. His clothes were shaggy, his boots were shaggy and full of holes, and his hair and whiskers were shaggy. But his smile was sweet and his eyes were kind.

"Why didn't you want to go to Butterfield?" she asked.

"Because a man lives there who owes me fifteen cents, and if I went to Butterfield and he saw me he'd want to pay me the money. I don't want money, my dear."

"Why not?" she inquired.

"Money," declared the shaggy man, "makes people proud and haughty. I don't want to be proud and haughty. All I want is to have people love me; and as long as I own the Love Magnet, everyone I meet is sure to love me dearly."

"The Love Magnet! Why, what's that?"

"I'll show you, if you won't tell any one," he answered, in a low, mysterious voice.
Yes. That's right. The filthy vagrant has a Love Magnet, and he will show it to the little girl if she won't tell any one. Seriously, I'm speechless. And this is children's literature. Classic children's literature. This is going to disrupt my NaNoWriMo plans, I can at least say that.
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It's been narrowed down to three possibilities:
  1. I was so moved by watching the Blind Side that I lay awake thinking about how much football means to me
  2. I had a large iced coffee from Peet's at around 7:00PM, or
  3. I have a Kevin Bacon Number of 3.
I think we can rule out the first 2 possibilities.
OMFG I HAVE A KEVIN BACON NUMBER OF 3!!!!! More to the point, I HAVE a Kevin Bacon Number, because I have an IMDB LISTING!!!!! This is from a source I didn't expect, a project I spent a total of 1 day on in 2010, as described here. I did not expect this to be finished, and, who knows, maybe it isn't, but who cares, I'm in IMDB! Who could sleep knowing that. Rather, I caper like a stupid clown.

I was actually expecting my IMDB debut to be from the other 2010 project, Drexel Crosses the Poverty Line, the X-rated hand-puppet short feature for which I supplied the voice of Lawyer # 2 and the hand up the bum for Bouncer # 1 (I was the voice of Bouncer # 1, but they "went in a different artistic direction" or some crap like that). Alas, the IMDB listing for Drexel only shows one cast member, and not even the guy who played Drexel, who was brilliant; so what are the odds that Lawyer # 2 would show up there? I may have to - gasp - edit.
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